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Corporate Partner

Youth Unlimited would like to graciously thank Cormode Dickson Construction in Edmonton, Alberta for their support. Cormode & Dickson is Edmonton's leading construction company creating a variety of structures for the oil and gas industry, prefabricated steel buildings, modular home construction and more.

About Cormode Dickson

This partnering approach means they take a vested interest in not only the construction of steel building kits, but in helping clients build success. This is achieved by sharing expertise and experience they have gained over the years in design, site layout, architecture and even management of a wide variety of projects. It’s all about adding value..

Cormode Website

Youth Unlimited would like to specially thank our following DIAMOND and TITANIUM partners from our 25th Annual Golf Tournament. Their contributions are helping teens to achieve their hopes and potential.

Diamond Partners
Youth Unlimited would like to specially thank our following 2013 Contributors and Prize Sponsors from our 25th Annual Golf Tournament. Their contributions are helping teens to achieve their hopes and potential.

2013 Contributors
  • Enerpro Insulation
  • Jim Regehr
  • Doug Cannam
  • Integra Mechanical
  • Big Rush
Prize Sponsors
  • The Bear, Muth Electrical, United Cycle, Alberta Cycle, Famoso, Moxies, Honey Dome, Hair Salutaris, Entre, Jiffy Lube, Flaman Fitness, Habitat Studio, Van Houtte Coffee Services, Empire Iron Works, Gateway Screen & Press, Made to Fit, Rocky Mountatin Soap Company, Purity Life, Peter & Cecile Brodeur

Resiliency Initiatives

We bring together experience, passion and research to innovate an approach that responds to the story of the individual, family or organization. Resiliency Initiatives provides a research-based, peer reviewed assessment tool that allows our staff of youth specialists to understand the strengths of each youth we mentor.


Alberta CYCAA

The CYCAA has a rich and colorful history, characterized by progressive movement towards certification and the professionalization of Child and Youth Care.



AHVNA Alberta

AHVNA supports quality home visitation programs across Alberta for children and families, and provides quality training opportunities for our staff.

Youth Unlimited Edmonton sees the importance of partnering with strong affiliates to bring professional support services and assistance to youth in need.

Volunteer Opportunities are plentiful within Youth Unlimited. If you have a passion in helping today's youth succeed and grow while creating and harnessing their potential, then we welcome all who strive for this same goal.

Other Opportunities Got a skill that you can contribute to Youth Unlimited? Our volunteers come from different walks of life and all are focused on one goal. To see youth succeed and achieve their potential in the community.


Stepping StonesStepping Stones

Stepping Stones is always seeking volunteers to assist with one-on-one mentoring, providing program support and transportation of pregnant and parenting youth.


Drop-In Youth CentersDrop-In Youth Centres

The Cellar, Annex, and Loft Youth Centres are currently seeking those with a passion for helping youth realize their potential.


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Free Counseling Services

Looking for someone to turn to? Need that extra help while still staying confidential?

For life’s challenges our NO-COST drop-in psychological counseling services are in your community. With you, our Intern Therapists will focus on your strengths and abilities to help you create a plan for the change you most want in your life. Our single-session therapy is here when you are ready:

Here When You Need Us Most

Click the link Drop In YEG and find confidential help when you need it..

Kids Helpline

There for kids, day and night

To reach a Kids Help Phone professional counselor; kids, teens and young adults, from any community in Canada, can call 1-800-668-6868 or go online 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. From trouble with homework to dealing with loss and grief to thoughts of suicide, kids can talk to Kids Help Phone about anything.

Kids Helpline Website

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Youth Unlimited provides a multitude of programs aimed at aiding in the development of today's youth in the community, and is created to reach and support all youth from different walks of life. Youth Unlimited believes in the hope and potential of all young people.


Our programs provide the resources needed to help youth, but we depend on the kindness and charitable donations from all to help us with today's youth.

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